BANANAS is a child care resource and referral service. We often just call ourselves an R&R, short for Resource and Referral. We helped create R&R's in California and in the rest of the country. We exist to help parents find child care and children's services in their communities.

Sounds simple? Well, a lot goes into that task. We help develop new child care resources and maintain existing ones so that parents have a good selection to choose from. We provide counseling to parents as they tackle the difficult task of choosing child care. We provide back-up support in different languages (written materials, workshops, support groups, advice line) to parents. We participate in myriad cooperative activities in the community to work on building a better world for children and families.

We offer our services in many languages including:

Vietnamese -
Thai -
Mien -
French -
English -
Chinese -
Amharic -
Spanish -
Laotian -