BANANAS Video Library


BANANAS maintains a Child Care and Parenting Resource Library which includes extensive audio-visual materials at our office.  The library is available to parents, child care providers and other clients who reside in Alameda County. Please note that we do not send videos through the mail.


With more than 500 titles, our video lending library is bound to have a video for you. Topics range from child care administration and child development, to nutrition and parenting.   Many videos are available in Spanish and other languages.


  • Materials can be reserved by phone, 510-658-7353.  
  • All audio-visual loans will be for a maximum of five (5) working days.  
  • No more than two items may be borrowed at one time.  
  • We do NOT send videos by mail! All materials need to be picked up in person and returned to a BANANAS' staff member during regular office hours.  
  • Our videos are popular and are checked out frequently.  Current availability can be determined when visiting our office. 
  • There will be a $50.00 deposit for up to two (2) items. Only checks will be accepted as deposits.  
  • If items are never returned by the client, the deposit check will be forfeited and the client will lose borrowing privileges.


For the full list of videos click here.

We offer our services in many languages including:

Vietnamese -
Thai -
Mien -
French -
English -
Chinese -
Amharic -
Spanish -
Laotian -