Please help us continue to insure that all parents in Northern Alameda County have access to safe, reliable, quality child care regardless of income. All of our services are provided free of charge, or for a nominal fee that is waived or reduced for eligible families and providers.  We cannot do this without you!   

There are three ways to make your tax-deductible contribution:

  • To make an online contribution through Network for Good, CLICK HERE (a 3% processing fee will apply, which supports Network for Good)
  • To donate by check, CLICK HERE for a downloadable form.  Checks should be mailed to:


5232 Claremont Ave.,

Oakland, CA 94618.

  • To contribute through United Way of the Bay Area, designate Donor Option #3026. 

Non-cash contributions:

Thank you for your generous donation of toys, children’s equipment and clothes. Like you, we want to see that these items have a second life if they are in good condition. You could help us (and help lower our trash bill) by pre-sorting your donations to eliminate:

Stained, worn or dirty clothing Used coloring books Expired milk or baby food
Broken toys, torn or dog-eared books Stuffed animals Car seats
Bedding or housewares Crib mattresses (without the crib) Bathtubs
Shoes Drop-down cribs Breast pumps
Adult clothing (except maternity clothes) Fast food toy giveaways Diaper Genies

Please tape puzzle and game boxes so the parts stay together. Small toys present a possible choking hazard for the children in our lobby. We cannot accept car seats or breast pumps since there are laws restricting their re-use. Donations are accepted during normal business hours only, but please call beforehand.

Have a question?  Please contact us at


We offer our services in many languages including:

Vietnamese -
Thai -
Mien -
French -
English -
Chinese -
Amharic -
Spanish -
Laotian -