What do Babies Need from Caregivers?

What Babies Need Video 

In the following video clip from VOICES:  Insights from the Field - Caring for Infants and Young Toddlers, Rosmary Burton, Caroline Davis, Jacque Sell, Pam Schiller and Jerlean Daniels share their insights on what babies need in programs.  For example, Dr. Burton observes:

"Babies have not been around in the world very long.  Everything they feel and experience and see is brand new to them.  So they need to experience a variety of new things.  They need to touch it, to bite it, to bat at it to see how it works.  They need to experience a variety of things in order to build their understanding of how the world works." 

To view this 6 minute video, which includes real classroom scenes, go to "What do babies need from caregivers?"

- From Exchange Magazine


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