Taking care of children, whether your own or other people's, requires a lot of labor and love. We at BANANAS seek to make your life a little easier by providing a wide range of child rearing and child development information. We offer hands-on handouts, a lending library for books and videos, access to our 3,000-book reference library, and, last but not least, our newsletter. For more details, see the following menu:

Looking for a free handout?
We've got one for you, whether you're seeking answers on how to discipline, how to get rid of head lice, or what to dish up at snack time. Pick up a handout at our office or download some right now!

Hot off the presses - You can subscribe to our newsletter, published five times a year, which features parenting tips, event listings, child care shares/playgroup ads, legislative updates and more. Child care providers get the newsletter for free as soon as they enter our referral files! Call us to subscribe, stop by the office for the latest issue or download the current and back issues.

Blockbuster we're not. But with more than 500 titles, our video lending library is bound to have a video for you. Topics range from child care administration and child development, to nutrition and parenting. Download our BANANAS Video List. (Many titles are available in Spanish.)

Books, Books, Books – With 3,000 tomes on child psychology, early childhood education and other child-related topics, BANANAS' reference library is bound to have a book for you. In addition, we have many articles, reports and papers on child care issues in our files, as well as 800 children's books. Visit our office to view or copy the materials. (Sorry, no check-outs.)

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